Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Village

Shot in a remote Indian Vilage on a sunday morning ar around 6:00 am. This is early morning view of  fog filled air. A tree stands all cold and frozen in the surrounding fog and the mist.

The beautiful spider cobweb enriched with the morning dew and garlanded with the fine droplets of dew were captured before the sun could come up and steal away them back to the air. It looks as if thousands of tiny lights have been hung between tree branches.

Taken in early morning 6 'o clock. This farmer is off to the nearby market to sell his grains....the foggy atmosphere and the coconut palms form a beautiful backdrop.

The most beautiful Corn Fields. One of the rare sights that we usually see from a distance, either when traveling in a bus, car or by train. But this is what it looks when I got really close to it. I shot it just after I took the above picture of the cyclist. Its amazing to roam in open fields , and that too early in a winter morning. I just got carried away by the scenic beauty of these fields. It reminded me of one of the scenes of the movie "Gladiator", wherein Russel Crowe returns home and the camera shows him moving into corn fields.

As the dusk wraps up and unfolds the beauty of the village at night, various hues, colours and earthy shades with warm and neutral tones create a beautiful aura.The magic is felt in way how each tone reflect the natural and the artificial light. The deep blues sky sets the perfect background.


Abhishek Jha said...

Got a colored version of the cobweb ?? Somehow i think it will do more justice to the picture. But anyways its still one heck of a shot !!!

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