Thursday, March 18, 2010

Madikeri Prison

District Prison Madikeri

Welcome to the town of Madikeri or MERCARA as known to locals. This prison was built long back in 1812 inside the Madikeri Fort by Raja Lingarajendra II. There is also a old church, and a poorly managed museum inside the fort.Now the fort is municipal head-quarters of the town. East of the Fort is Indo-Saracenic Style Omkareshwar temple built by raja in 1820. There is a small lake surrounding the temple.A flight of steps lead to the temple from behind the Madikeri Police station.
Rajs's Seat gives a Panoramic view of the Blue Mountains and Nilgiri Valleys. Its worth watching, and leaves with a lifetime memory of teh scenic beauty of the place. See other pictures of Madikeri on Blog to explore it. 
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Rakesh said...

Madikeri has great history, Madikeri is the old town, many dynasties ruled this place from decades. madikeri fort, church, temple, gadige, are the historical place in Madikeri as we know. You may get rest of the info on Madikeri - Places to see in Madikeri

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