Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Castles are not made with concrete and stones, not with Iron ans steel, not with labourers and contractors. They are not made in grasslands, or hills, not in cities or towns. 
Castles are made in hearts of people.
This little girl was shot by me in Chowpatty beach, Mumbai. She was happily building her dream home, her sand castle. It took my attention, and I could not resist stopping by. With her oversized slippers, and a basket of scraps, she was least bothered about the world around. And why not, because she was building her dream, her sand castle.
All photographs are copyright and sole ownership of Gaurang Gaurav aka Just Vagabond.


angel Bedi said...

lovely... to be frank i didn't notice the details till i read thru the description . and the closer i got to the end of it.. the more in love i fell with the shot..
veryy nice. almost all the shots. great going

just vagabond said...

Thanks Angel.:)
Wish to post many more pics

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