Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Grass Hoppers not Dead

Mr. Grass Hopper (posthumous)

One fine day I was walking towards the shop in our office campus. Suddenly my eyes fell on something glittering. I bent down to find out that Mr. Grass Hopper (after his soul had left him, and was quite sun dried) was lying peacefully on the newly laid bed of fresh green grasses. I picked him up immediately and wrapped him in a pure white tissue and with due regard escorted him to my office cabin on 4th floor, in AC lift. He remained showcased behind the computer monitor for a few days, and then got a new acrylic transparent box for himself as his new home. Recently he got a chance to visit my home. I was really getting bored last night when Mr. hopper caught my attention and happily gave me some poses for the photo-shoot, before he retired ( he is become weak and feeble in limbs, and has lost his eyesight) to his acrylic box room.

All photographs are copyright and sole ownership of Gaurang Gaurav aka Just Vagabond.


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