Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ladakh Exposed in HDRI

Ladakh Exposed

Nothing can beat the raw beauty of Ladakh's landscape. This shot was taken on my canon 1000D while in Ladakh. It reminds of how fragile the nature's beauty is, and prone to the extremes of the weather conditions. Eve then the local ladakhis fight out the battle between life and climate. The place remains one of the must visit place for a global traveler. A heaven on Earth, Ladakh.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Story of Kings and Queens - Puppets speak them all

Raja Rani ki kahani, khud unke jabani

The "kathputli" as they are called, or the puppets as we know them better is a traditional art of Rajasthan, India. Vibrant in colours, bizzare in forms and designs, they depict the true stories, legends or folklore through the medium of the puppet-show. The expert puppeteers with their magical moves of fingers and combined synchronization of left and right hands, make the stories come live. The puppets seem to get lively, with souls infused into their wood and paddy. The garments erstwhile of low cost cotton, start reflecting the royale shine, the prints become shimmer, the painted jewelry gets the gold soul, and the facial expressions come to life. Kings will have a curvy mustache and a long beard to be proud of and the queens will be shy strong lady on honour under the saree veil. They will talk of all that has happened in-past. They will leave you astounded if not spellbound. With these puppets being the very true reflection of just another facet of our Incredible India, the art and the craftsmen play an important role to keep India's Incredibility ticking. They will continue to amuse the world on and ever.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ladakh - Thiksey Monastery

Thiksey Monastery

The magnificent view of the monastery made every spectator speechless. Lying in the heart of Ladakh valley, Thiksey monastery is centre of Buddhist worship and meditation. Its also a seat of learning for the buddhist monks. Faith flourishes in the Ladakh valley as does the beauty of the unending magnificent landscapes. Its a real treat to eyes to be be in the valley. What heaven would probably be can be felt in the valley of ladakh. Long stretching high rising mountains, with hues of blue, whites and greens. And lies beneath the encapsulated flat lands, a vastness unbound, a playground of freedom, a abode of God. The natural pallete is only broken by the sweet warm colour of maroon clad monks, and the red brick monasteries. No place stands a better chance to be called heaven.

Friday, November 12, 2010

God said - Let there be Light

Golden Sun Rays

This couldn't have been captured better than on this format. For me its was like painting a canvas in oil. One of the perfect evenings partly filled up with cloud but  only to be pierced through the stark bright golden rays of the setting sun. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


An Indian Lady with a child

I was waiting for my safari ride to start at Muddumalai Tiger Reserve Forest, Tamil Nadu. While there was still some time for the vehicle to arrive, I took a stroll around the local area and came across this small house.  The lady was sitting in front of the door with the child. The idea of dark Indian colours of the skin against the bright stark blue background hit me. And I got this shot in one go.

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