Friday, November 19, 2010

Story of Kings and Queens - Puppets speak them all

Raja Rani ki kahani, khud unke jabani

The "kathputli" as they are called, or the puppets as we know them better is a traditional art of Rajasthan, India. Vibrant in colours, bizzare in forms and designs, they depict the true stories, legends or folklore through the medium of the puppet-show. The expert puppeteers with their magical moves of fingers and combined synchronization of left and right hands, make the stories come live. The puppets seem to get lively, with souls infused into their wood and paddy. The garments erstwhile of low cost cotton, start reflecting the royale shine, the prints become shimmer, the painted jewelry gets the gold soul, and the facial expressions come to life. Kings will have a curvy mustache and a long beard to be proud of and the queens will be shy strong lady on honour under the saree veil. They will talk of all that has happened in-past. They will leave you astounded if not spellbound. With these puppets being the very true reflection of just another facet of our Incredible India, the art and the craftsmen play an important role to keep India's Incredibility ticking. They will continue to amuse the world on and ever.


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