Friday, December 23, 2011

Of An Unknown Rider....

They have been ridden by someone...
Someone who has been nicer...
One shone with shine and glittered with colours..
The other reminded of the tough terrains and tougher times.

They cared for the metal, rubber and fiber...
They "the unknown rider".


Its between Her and me..

One Rainy Day.... she got drenched after I rode her; she looked so Hot......, I could not resist and Shot her all over. Again and Again. Every curve told a different story. Story of her endurance, of her stamina, speed, the power, the heat, and also her age that was taking a toll on beauty and thrust, but slowly. The sheen and luster were just suggestive. We both know now that she needs rest. Her steel glitters and is rustic too at some corners. It has been a fair enough a journey together, in hills and plains and in heat and rains. You have taken me across states, beyond the roads, into known and unknown, at day and night, meeting scores of Indian civilizations, being a part of my Vagabond life. Thanks my darling..! I am not leaving you so soon. 
There is enough life left in both of us.

150...... that was enough for both of us. She looked gorgeous in BLACK.

As much as her spring action.... She ensured me a super smooth ride even in the bumpiest if terrains.

And what made her run so vigorously was her Heart.. her Engine. made all the way in Germany.

It always felt nice to press against her foot rest. BRAKES.... never failed me ever.

Though rusted by now, but the tyre rims still shone with gitter.

One bad thing.. she smoked a lot. But never let the black soot out of her hole..! 

Her name was....

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