Thursday, December 17, 2009

In Clouds

At Sir George Everest House - The small column of Stones are being placed by Buddhist near their prayer place or at places where they lay their dead to rest in peace. In the background is the ruins of the "Sir George Everest House" that belonged to Sir George Everest, one of the Surveyor Generals of India who established the various survey points. He was the one who surveyed the Mount Everest, and hence the mountain is named after him. This house, now in ruins, is situated at a 9 km  trek from Mussoorie towards west via Lal Kuan. Its on a hill top on a flat table land, with a immediate valley drop behind the backyard of house. The front has two beautiful hills on either of the house. The place is now a prayer spot for Buddhists.  A place for scenic beauty and  peaceful environment is must visit for all who love trek, peace, solace and natural beauty.


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